Senior Adventures: Studio Visits

For Southern Virginia art students, the senior show acts as a culminating experience. They are free to imagine, create and show a collection of work that is all their own; however,  Being an artist is not as easy as many people believe. For seniors, the pressure to foster a cohesive body of work by the end of the semester can range from daunting to debilitating.

In swoops Barbara Crawford, art professor extraordinaire.

Having taught art at the school for nearly 35 years, Professor Crawford stands in a place to help guide students seeking inspiration and advice.

Now three weeks into the semester, the seniors are finalizing their projects and getting down to business. But before the paintbrushes and canvases are broken out, Professor Crawford wanted to take them on a field trip to her own studio and that of a local friend’s, Lenny Lyons Bruno.

IMG_6374 IMG_6386 IMG_6416IMG_6425

Students were then invited inside to talk about their various ideas and projects.


Plus, they got to see Crawford’s cute old-man cat, Koko.


Then, the seniors packed themselves into their cars and drove to the nearby studio of Lenny Lyons Bruno, an accomplished local artist, and her son Chris Bruno. Here, the seniors were able to ask questions and learn about the different creative processes an artist goes through as they begin new work.

IMG_6519 IMG_6516 IMG_6532 IMG_6554