Southern Virginia University is place where people go to learn. Here, students are encouraged to chase after knowledge with enthusiasm and vigor in all aspects of their lives, which means the students’  love of learning extends from the classroom to the studio.

This love of beauty and good design is aided by the unwavering effort of our excellent professors.

Doug Himes has a fierce love of accumulating knowledge and imparting his well-earned wisdom with his students. Most of the time, he can be found in and about the Tucson Art Studio, where he often sports a turtleneck and a printmaking apron. He also likes to build bookcases to house his illustrious book collection.

Barbara Crawford loves all things Italian, from the food to the art. She’s been teaching various art courses at Southern Virginia for the last 34 years and has fostered multitudes of students — art majors and non-majors alike — as they explored the world of Michelangelo and Brunelleschi and Donatello. She also likes to wear black, but she rocks it.

Peter Myer only recently discovered the magic of Southern Virginia. This is his second semester at the school, but already, his myriad of talents have inspired students and faculty alike. A master of painting, figure drawing, videography and sculpture, we hope he plans to stay a little while more.

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