Month: May 2014

A Binding Spell: Book Arts has Begun!

Over the summer semester, a group of students will be participating in the third annual Book Arts Summer Intensive course. In a little over a month, the students will be learning a variety of book-related skills including: binding, sewing, paper making and more.

With such a short amount of time to learn and develop, the students were almost immediately tasked with creating small, “fall apart books,” which consist of an accordion-like text block and a no-glue approach to book assembly. Tasked with creating two books by next class, the students eagerly went to work.

The results were diverse and fun and beautiful.

IMG_7230 IMG_7241 IMG_7253 IMG_7269

With the inaugural project out of the way, everyone was ready to dive headfirst into a month of madness and magic. Keep posted for more stories about Southern Virginia’s summer art classes!

IMG_7257 IMG_7258 IMG_7263 IMG_7264